A r c a d e !


You have 45 seconds to grab at least one artifact (the gold things) and make it to your escape plane.

Failure results in a loss of points, but failed levels can be replayed.

To complete the game finish the first four stages, then complete the final area.


WASD or Arrow Keys to move. Spacebar throws trowels.

Mouse selects new destinations from the museum.

Saskatoon Smith

Do you have what it takes to cram your museum full of shiny treasures?

You will play the role of Saskatoon Smith, archaeologist.

Collect artifacts for your museum, while avoiding rival archaeologists.

Game is in a retro arcade style.

Originally created in a weekend for the Gamejolt New Years Game Jam.

I aimed for the optional challeges of "Retro sized" and "Crappy Remake." So I ended up with a knock off version of Indiana Jones who doesn't fight any Nazis, and a file size of around 368kb (zipped at least).