A r c a d e !



Tap or click on the side of the screen you want to move to.


Or use the Left and Right Arrow Keys to dodge.

Seafloor Survivor: The Tale of Sir Scuttles

Unlock powerful bonuses, dodge deadly hazards, defeat sharks, and reach for the Crown!

Why let Birds have all the fun? Live the tale of Sir Scuttles!

Aid Sir Scuttles in his journey. Enjoy endless survival game-play that challenges you to go further.

Complete skill testing quests to level up and unlock powerful power-ups and customization options for your crab!

  • Infinite Survival Challenge!
  • Funny and Endlessly Entertaining!
  • Catchy Music to Help You Get in the Zone!
  • Creative Crab Customization!
  • Level Up to Unlock Unique and Hilarious Power-ups!
  • Dodge Dangerous Sharks!
  • Highscores - How long Can You Last?
  • Also Has a Wizard!

Best enjoyed with earphones and all sound on.

Tap, Dodge, Survive and Improve!

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